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Built in 1767 by John de Turk, son of Isaac de Turk, a Huguenot who settled here in 1712 and was one of a number of French Protestants who were pioneers in this part of Berks County.
A building erected about 1748 by Moravians, for use as a church and school, stands on the side road, about 1.5 miles away. Here they conducted a boarding school, 1745-51; and built a later schoolhouse, since demolished, in 1776.
Built 1745 by Dr. George de Benneville, preacher in this area 1743-55, and founder of Universalism in America. He died in Philadelphia in 1793. The house is 2.25 miles away on a side road.
This home, built 1801 by Henry Fisher, is a fine example of late Georgian architecture. Brought from the British Isles, this style is reflected in old homes of eastern and southern Pennsylvania.