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This bridge crosses the river that has been the heart of the community since the founding of Peshtigo. This river provides power for our commerce and daily lives. This river also protected some of our citizens who sought refuge in thes…
On the night of 0ctober 8, 1871, Peshtigo, a booming town of 1700 people, was wiped out of existence in the greatest forest fire disaster in American history. Loss of life and even property in the great fire occurring the same night in Chicago …
To the memory of over 600 men, women and children who perished when every building in the Village of Peshtigo was burned and many surrounding farms were devasted in the great tornado of fire October 8, 1871.
Theoretical Half Way PointNorth Pole [right arrow]3117.55 milesEquator [left arrow]3097.39 miles The spheroidal shape of the earth makes degrees of latitude in the north longer than in the south. The true half-way point between pole and equator…