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Granite BuildingOriginally German National BankCharles Bickel & J.P. Brennan, architects1889-90
The Duquesne ClubLongfellow, Alden & Harlow;Janssen & Cocken, ArchitectsBuilt 1889; 1902; 1930-1931
This whole city block at one time held as many as 4,000 graves. An ancient Indian tumulus (burying ground) originally occupied part of the site and, subsequently, the French of Fort Duquesne (1754) and the British from Fort Pitt (1758), along with…
This building, originally known as the Stanley Theater, was built in 1926-1927 by James Bly Clark as the Pittsburgh flagship of the Stanley-Clark Motion Picture Company. The architects were the Hoffman-Henon Company of Philadelphia, considered at …
The three identical bridges spanning the Allegheny River are the only known example of a triple set of bridges constructed side-by-side across a major river. They were built between 1926 and 1928 when the War Department ruled that bridges over Pit…
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Hall's invention of electrolytic manufacture of aluminum was first applied to commercial production in 1888 by the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, which later became Alcoa. This process, developed here, made the commercial use of aluminum possible.
Saint Bernard Church1933-47William Richard Perry, Architects
Borough of Dormont Pool1920
Mt. Lebanon Municipal BuildingWilliam H. King, Jr., Architect1928-30
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