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In the late 18th century, armies made the most use of the King's Highway. Merchants preferred to move goods such as tobacco over the Potomac River since land travel was difficult. The road became a main transportation route after the Revolutionary…
On November 10, 1943, the city of new Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: "Molly Marine." A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. Renowned artist Enrique Al…
Private John Joseph KellyUnited States Marine Corps Seventy-Eighth CompanySixth Marine RegimentAwarded two Medals of Honor for actionagainst the enemy, Blanc Ridge, France3 October 1918 This gallant Marine fought bravely for his country.
William Leake MannRear Admiral, Medical CorpsUnited States Navy1884 - 1953 First Post Surgeon at Quantico On the foundation he laid,the structure of amphibiousmedicine was built.
Company Corpsman, 1st Battallion, 6th Marines, 6th Marine Regiment, Quantico, Virginia Petty Officer Balch was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the WWI battle near Vierzy, France on 19 July 1918. "While under intense machine…
CaptainCourageousPuddin1935 - 1962Quantico's Pride
Named in honor ofMajor GeneralLittleton Waller Tazewell WallerWho commanded the Marine Battalion on Samar, Philippines in 1901. Originally, this was the site of one of the Evansport Batteries which successfully blockaded the Potomac River during t…
The King's Highway was the first north-south route through Virginia. The road began in Boston and ended in Williamsburg. It may have followed one or more trails that American Indians used before European colonization. The route was first clear…
(Marker on front)Lieutenant General John Archer LejeuneUnited States Marine Corps Major General Commanding Second DivisionAmerican Expeditionary ForceFrance, World War I1918-1919 Major General CommandantUnited States Marine Corps1920-1929 …
(marker on far left)H-3-7 1950 HonoringMarines, Navy Corpsmen, andall others who served, were attachedor supported H-3-7, 1st Marine DivisionFMF Korean War Inchon/SeoulUijongbuHow Hill 891Operation Wrangler/YoYoChosin ReservoirRidgerunnersTo…