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This memorial is dedicated in memory of Capt Gilbert Knapp who founded Racine, Wisconsin in the year 1834 This memorial is a bequest to the City of Racine by Herman C. Menge
In memory of Racine'sloyal and noble sonswho enlisted to defendand perpetuate the unionof these United States in theWar of 1861-1865
This block of land was known as Market Square when Racine was laid out as a village in 1837. This area was covered with shade trees, was the location of the town pump, and was used by the early settlers as a place to by and sell produce. The la…
[Front]Jerome Increase Case Inventor, developer and manufacturer of mechanized threshing machines and steam traction engines; business leader, mayor of Racine, state senator; president of Racine County Agricultural Society, founder of Wisconsin…
Haymarket Square.On March 10, 1854, the largest crowd that had ever assembled here met to protest the capture of Joshua Glover, a fugitive slave who had lived and worke in Racine for two years. A committee of 100 then took a boat to Milwaukee wher…
Racine's Harbor has gone through many transformations since the city's first settlers arrived. In 1836 the Root River entered the lake near the center of today's Gaslight Pointe. While the river channel was as much as 15 feet deep, the entrance it…
The BuildingIn 1929, the Racine Common Council began the process of creating a new City Hall. The council received two design proposals: one from local architect J. Mandor Matson and another from a Chicago firm. The mayor and aldermen selected Mat…
[Title is text] Dedicated by the City of RacineNovember 15, 2012
The BuildingThe City of Racine purchased the site in 1869 for $1,000, but deferred the actual construction of a new building for over a decade. After several unsuccessful bids for an engine house, Alderman Lucius Blake convinced the Common Council…
The City of Racine dedicates thisflagpole to the veterans of ourcommunity who have served withhonor in the Armed Forces of theUnited States of America Veterans Day - November 11, 2000