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John Reister I 1715 - 1804 Margaret Reister Died 1803 Dedicated to Reistertown's Founder
In service 1826 - 1914 Erected here by the Franklin Chapter of Future Farmers of America
Relocated here by the Class of 1965 in honor of Mrs. Helen T. Reese Vice-Principal, Ret.
Oldest Episcopal Boarding School for girls in the United States. Mrs. Ann Van Bibber Neilson gave three acres of land at this location and $10,000 to found and academy for girls. The academy became the Diocesan School for the Episcopal Diocese of …
First Sgt. Augustus Walley, a Reisterstown native, awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery at Cuchillo Negro Mountain, New Mexico. Dedicated on the 100th anniversary of The Spanish-American War July 13, 1998.
Patented sixth of August 1719 to William Nicholson, gentleman of Anne Arundel County for 4200 acres. Subdivided in 1757 into four equal parts by Byron Philpot, Junior, Corbin Lee, Kinsey Johns and Roger Boyce.
Founded in 1868 for the purpose of promoting the cause of morality and religion by holding camp meetings under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Incorporated 1871 and reincorporated 1884 under present name of the Emory Grove Asso…
Chief of the Confederate States Army Signal Corps and Secret Service Bureau, 1862-1865. Appointed Commissioner of Prisoner Exchange with rank of Colonel in April 1865. The Norris Home, "Brookland," stood 2½ miles south of this spot. His grave is …
Franklin Academy founded January 10, 1820 by an Act of the General Assembly of Maryland. On January 25, 1849 became a public school. Was Reisterstown High School from 1874-1896. Became Franklin High School in 1897.