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In memory of theConfederate soldiersof Roanoke County1861—1865 Love makesmemory eternal
At this location in 1842, John Garst purchased 130 acres of fine land on Mason's Creek. John was born in 1796, and was the son of Frederick Garst. Frederick is buried on a nearby knoll.John Garst built a dam across the creek, and in 1845 he comple…
The Valley Railroad, chartered February 23, 1866 and developed between 1867 and 1870, is of significance to the nation's railroad industry. In the mid-1800's the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad planned a railroad line to span the length of the Shenand…
The rail line later referred to as the Catawba Branch of the Norfolk and Western Railway had its beginnings on March 25, 1902, when the Catawba Valley Railway and Mining Company was approved by the General Assembly of Virginia. This line was typic…
The Hanging Rock coal trestle functioned as a coal unloading facility, and was built by the Norfolk and Western Railway in 1943 from a standard plan used for this type of structure. At the turn of the century, most industries utilized a self-co…
Old Virginia Brick Company's employees, officers and directors dedicate this memorial to all the innocent people killed by the terrorists on September 11, 2001. These two beams are from the 33rd - 36th floors of the North tower of the World Trade …
At Salem is a liberal arts institution for men and women. Founded in Augusta County in 1842 as Virginia Institute, it was chartered in 1845 as Virginia Collegiate Institute; moved to Salem in 1847; chartered as Roanoke College in 1853, and was in …
Pre-Revolutionary stronghold of the pioneers of this section against the Indians.
The home of James Campbell, a leading colonial pioneer, who settled here in 1742, stood on this site. On his land Fort Lewis was built in 1756.
(Center marker of three)If I walk in the pathway of duty, If I work till the close of the day, I shall see the great King in His beauty, When I've gone the last mile of the way. And if on Earth I have earnestly striven, and have tried all His w…