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Spanish-Mexican Period Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 7 by the Cultural Heritage Board Municipal Art Department City Of Los Angeles
Rogerio Rocha was born in 1801, in the village of Mapanga, and was baptized in the San Fernando Mission. Rocha became a well-known blacksmith in California. In Rocha's early years he became the Captain of Mapanga, which is known today as the town …
Panel 1: "Show me the suffering of the most miserableSo I will know my people's plight." "Free me to pray for othersFor you are present in every person." "Help me take responsibility for my own lifeSo that I can be free at last." "Grant m…
Erected by Valentine Lopez - 1882Occupied by Geronimo Lopez - 1884Purchased by City of San Fernando - 1971Survived Major Earthquake - 1971Restored by San Fernando - 1974-75
Marker 1:Father Junipero SerraDonated by Wm Hannon FoundationCommemorating San Fernando Mission Sept 1797 - Sept 1997 Marker 2:Fray Junipero Serra1713-1784Founder of the California Missions In Memory of Eugenie B. Hannon