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Green Ridge, the next trail head west, is 12.1 miles from here. The grade between these two trail heads remains fairly level, with a slight decline beyond the Missouri State Fair. The grade increases past Campbell Siding and decreases again to Cam…
1860... Vision of Prosperity Welcome to Sedalia, Pettis County seat and home of the Missouri State Fair. Sedalia, originally named Sedville, began as a vision in the mind and on the farm of George R. Smith. "Sed" was the nickname of Smith's daug…
The Sedalia Depot visitor center is the place to begin a Sedalia sightseeing tour. Building hours are posted on the door, and visitors are welcome to tour the historic building, discover the history of Sedalia's railroad culture and learn about ot…
Clifton City, the next trail head east, is 11.7 miles by way of the old rail corridor. Due to an undeveloped section of trail immediately east of here, some travel over city streets is required, adding slightly to that distance. The grade is stead…
From its inception and throughout its 25-year history, Katy Trail State Park has been one of the most successful rails-to-trail conversions projects in the United States. As the longest developed rail-trail in the United States, it has been induct…
A tribute to the living legacy of Scott Joplin and to Sedalia, "The Cradle of Ragtime" Dedicated June 1, 1999 —————————— [Wayside Interpretive Panel] 1st Page of the Maple Leaf R…
Erected in tribute to Scott Joplin 1868 - 1917 Composer John Stark 1841 - 1927 Publisher of The Maple Leaf Rag and other Sedalia Ragtimers Arthur Marshall Scott Hayden ———————— The Cra…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
To Veterans of All Wars [Dedicated] Nov. 11, 1995