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Henry Craig was the body servant of John Craig and served with him during the War Between the States. John was a member of Company A, First South Carolina Rifles, Orr's Regiment, from 1861 until he was wounded at Gravely Hill, Virginia on August 6…
A church/meeting house for early immigrantsof Scotch-Irish and English descentwho settled in the area. Presented byCol. John Robins ChapterNational Society Colonial Dames 17th Century In Honor ofMrs. Kay Patricia Hunt AlfordPast President of…
[North Marker]: 2008 Plaque[North Marker]: 2009 Plaque[North Marker]: 2010 Plaque[North Marker]: 2011 Plaque[East Marker]: 2012 Plaque
Where in 1765, under Treaty Oak, a conflict with the Indians was signed securing peace for the white settlers in the Upcountry.
The Hopewell Treaties were the first formal treaties after the battles between the United States and the Southern Native American tribes. Gen. Andrew Pickens, also known as "Skyagunsta" or "Border Wizard Owl," negotiated the treaties with Benjamin…
(Left Side):1914 ~ 1918 In Memory of Oconee CountyWorld War Veterans(Right Side):1914 ~ 1918 In Memory of Charles McGee Byrd Sergant, Machine Gun Co.118th S.C. Infantry30th DivisionWounded Oct. 17th 1918In the Battle of the SommeDied …
This site, lot No. 126, was the first sold at auction by J.J. Norton and A.W. Thompson, August 14, 1873 when 14 lots sold and Seneca City was founded. Purchased by John M. Dumas, who was named the first Postmaster on April 15, 1873. Site of: fi…
[Front]:Capt. Samuel Earle (1760-1833), an officer during the American Revolution, state representative, and U.S. representative, lived at nearby Beaverdam Plantation. He also furnished land for the town of Andersonville, once 12 mi. SE. at the fo…
Marker Front:Seneca InstituteThe Seneca Institute (later Seneca Junior College) educated African American children of this region from 1899 to 1939. It was founded and sponsored by the Seneca River Baptist Association, which in 1898 acquired eight…
On February 4, 1938, Mrs. Ploma M. Adams, owner of this farm, assisted by the Upper Savannah Soil Conservation District, initiated the first Farm-Conservation Plan of any district in America.