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In honor of theConfederate Heroesof Cleveland County1861-1865Lest We Forget
Baptist. Founded 1905 as Boiling Springs High School; junior college, 1928-1971. University since 1993.
Land, original buildings and boxcar given in loving memory of Quincy Hague Metcalfe by the Gene Metcalfe family. From this site Mr. Q. H. Metcalfe supervised section crews for the Lawndale Railway and Industrial Company, 1899-1943.
These grounds are a part of the original 147 acre tract donated by James Love to form the Town of Shelby in 1841. Augustus W. Burton built the original house in 1852; J.A. and Oliver Gardner Anthony overbuilt the 1852 house in 1907. Webbley is nam…
In honor of the men who served from Cleveland County and in grateful memory, for a grateful people, of these who gave their lives in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.In Memoriam KoreaClaude Allen · Elmer G. Allen · Arthur Berry, Jr. &m…
Honoring those from Cleveland County, who served in the World War and the following who made the supreme sacrificeHonor RollHarvey N. Allen · Wm. Barrett · E. O. Cabaniss · John Carver · Calvin Cook · Ira A. Crab…
In honor of the men and women who served from Cleveland County and in grateful memory, from a grateful people, of these who gave their lives in World War II [List of 192 names] May liberty, freedom and justice forever be the guide of our peo…
Confederate captain; legislator; member of conventions of 1868, '75; conservative leader in Reconstruction period. His home was 100 ft. S.
Author of The Mind of the South. Editor & journalist. His grave is located 1600 ft. N.
Governor, 1929-33; under Secretary of U.S. Treasury; appointed Ambassador to Great Britain, 1946. Birthplace stands here, grave 300 yds. N.