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(preface) After the Battle of Stones River ended on January 2, 1863, Union Gen. William S. Rosecrans occupied Murfreesboro. Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg withdrew south to the Highland Rim to protect the rail junction at Tullahoma, Bragg's headq…
To the memory of the men who served their country from Bedford County in the World War 1914-1918 Erected by James A. Tate Jr. Post No. 23 American Legion Shelbyville, Tenn. Nov. 11th, 1935
The Veterans Memorial Plaza is conceived and designed to honor, commemorate and forever remember the veterans of Bedford County Tennessee who have served in the armed forces throughout the world. It is to recognize the sacrifices these brave men a…
To honor and commemorate the men who fought in the American Revolution and sleep in Bedford County
In honored memory of the veterans of Bedford County, who died in W.W.II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict.
In memory of the "Shelbyville Rebels" Co. F. 41st Tenn. Reg't. C.S.A. and all soldiers from Bedford County who fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States 1861-1865 Erected and affectionately dedicated by the Agnes L. Whites…
Shelbyville was established in 1810 on 100 acres of land donated by Clement Cannon (1783-1860), local manufacturer and veteran of the War of 1812. The city was named in honor of General Isaac Shelby (1750-1826), statesman and noted Revolutionary W…
Son of Michael, an immigrant from Frankfurt on Main, Germany in 1760. Migrated by covered wagon, horseback and afoot from North Carolina in 1808 with his family and settled this tract of land on Thompson's creek. The land was granted to him by the…
Born in NC, 1783; veteran of the War of 1812; early Bedford County manufacturer; Whig political leader. In 1810 Cannon provided 100 acres of land for the site of the "Town of Shelbyville" and in 1817 donated 5 acres to Dickson Academy and a lot to…
The Reserve Corps (Granger) moved south along this road, screened by the Army's Cavalry (D.S. Stanley). Taking Guy's Gap, against minor resistance, they pushed rapidly into Shelbyville, evacuated the same morning by the Corps of Maj. Gen. Leonidas…