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This is a two-sided marker Front Side: Anita Scott Coleman's mother was a slave and her father a Buffalo Soldier. Raised on a ranch near Silver City, her award-winning essays, stories, and poems emphasized racial pride and black women's issues d…
This 1870's style cabin was a gift from movie producer/director Ron Howard. It fits the era in which Billy the Kid lived here. The cabin was a part of the set of his 2003 movie "The Missing." The NM Dept. of Tourism negotiated the gift.…
In this pioneer cemetery, still in use today, lie the remains of early settlers, merchants, miners, politicians and railroad men who contributed to the development of southwestern New Mexico. Among those buried here are Kathrine Antrim (1829-1874)…
The one-million acre L. C. completely overshadowed other ranches in southwestern New Mexico. At peak operation, 60,000 cattle grazed mountains and grasslands stretching to Arizona, employing 75 cowboys and 100 families to ranch and farm the land f…
Returned to this, its original location through the generosity of Wells Fargo Bank, successor to the American National Bank, which occupied this corner for 55 years. The Town of Silver City Council MembersMayor Terry FortneberryJudy WardNick…
Silver City Centennial1970Municipal Museum Town of Silver CityNew MexicoBuilt in 1881 as a private home for Harry B. Ailman Acquired by the town of Silver City in 1926 and dedicated as a historical museum by the town of Silver City in July 1967
This Pueblo Revival style building has served as the GFWC social and volunteer center since 1936. Site No. 1830 A Register cultural PropertyState of New Mexico
Has been designated aNational Historic Landmark For the important role it played in the military and medical history of southwest New Mexico This fort possesses National Significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America
In March 1883, Judge and Mrs. H.C. McComas were killed in this vicinity by a group of Chiricahua Apaches led by Chatto. An extensive manhunt failed to rescue their six-year-old son, who had been taken captive. This incident was part of a violent o…
Silver City is located in the midst of rich mineral deposits. The Santa Rita Copper Mines, opened in 1805, were the second such mines operating in what is now the U.S. A silver strike in 1870 began the commercial mining for which the area is still…