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In November 1861, a force of about 4,500 United States officers, soldiers, cavalrymen, and artillerists assembled in and around Snow Hill. Some of the troops camped here on the Worcester County Courthouse yard. Gen. Henry H. Lockwood commanded the…
Dedicated to the memory of the men of Worcester County who gave their lives for our country in Korea. Berrien, Henry Lee · Truitt, Granville Handy · Wise, Esley · Wooten, Clarence T.
Dedicated to the memory of the men of Worcester County who gave their lives for our country in Vietnam Berger, Barry Howard · Bivens, Frederick Wood, Jr. · Briddell, Charles Littleton · Brown, Mitchell David · Gordy,…
Long believed to be one of the oldest dwellings remaining in Snow Hill, this story-and-a-half stepped framed house evokes for many the image of an eighteenth century dwelling. Its exterior chimney and small rooms with wide pine flooring are charac…
First in America, org.1683 has been placed on the National Register Of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
Located between Franklin and North Washington Streets21863 Established in 1686 as part of Calvert's family objective to create towns and advancetrade. Laid out on a sandy ridge at the headof the Pokomoke River. The town was developed asa trading c…
Nassawango is structurally typical of its period while distinctive in several ways: it smelted bog ore; it is principally of brick rather than stone; and of greatest significance, it probably is the earliest surviving American furnace that employe…
This tablet is a memorial to the men of Worcester County who gave their lives for their country in World War II Adams, Arthur W. · Bailey, Warren · Barnes, Herman R. · Bonnevidde, Walter P. · Coston, Felton B. &middo…
This Tablet is a Memorial to the Men of Worcester County who gave their lives for their country in the World War. Blaine B. Boggs · Ernest Livingstone · Edward J. Bonneville · Wilson U. Martin · Ara J. Bowen ·…
Built 1832 by the Maryland Iron Company to smelt bog iron ore dug from the bed of Nassawango Creek. It was abandoned in 1847. The old furnace stack is still standing (1934).