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This camp, named in honor of Brigadier General James Samuel Wadsworth, U.S.V. was approved June 1917 as a cantonment site. The 27th division trained here from September 1, 1917 to May 4, 1918; the 6th, from May 10, 1918 to June 23, 1918; the 96th…
At dawn on the morning of June 6, 1903, floodwaters roared through the Pacolet River valley. As the high water thundered downstream from mill village to mill village, people in the path of the flash flood had no warning it was coming. Before the m…
National Register South CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand HistoryCantrell Wagon BuildingSpartanburg Historic District of Historic Places
National Register South CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand History156 West Main StreetSpartanburg Historic District of Historic Places
National Register South CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand HistoryPalmetto Building of Historic Places
Founder and developer of Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve. Harold Hatcher was a man of vision who looked at a weed-filled, eroded, litter-strewn lot and saw a garden. Working with his wife Josephine for 30 years, he used his horticultural skil…
Pacolet River Heritage Preserve, owned and managed by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, covers 278 acres in Spartanburg County, SC. Come to bird-watch, take photographs, fish or simply enjoy the woods and Pacolet River. Leave with a sense …
Don Reno1926 - 1984Don Reno was an immensely influential banjo player and one of the founding figures in the bluegrass movement. Born in Spartanburg, Reno recorded more than 500 songs during his career, many with collaborator Red Smiley, and is pe…
Croft State Natural Area covers 7,054 acres and was originally purchased by the State of South Carolina in 1949. It had been part of a 19,034-acre tract that served as a U.S. Army Infantry Replacement Training Center known as Camp Croft during Wor…
William Walker1809-1875William ("Singing Billy") Walker, perhaps South Carolina's most famous musician of his day, was a singing school teacher, composer, and collector of folksongs. He published four shape-note tunebooks, bringing musical lite…