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Planted in Memory Of Theodore Roosevelt On the 100th Anniversary Of His Birth October 27, 1958 Capt. David Hawley Society C.A.R.
"Mac's Harbor"Traditional Landing Place of Stratford's First Settlers In the spring of 1639 under leadership of the Rev. Adam Blakeman On the right, at the inner end of the harbor stood the First Meeting House and burial ground, and across the h…
VFW Raymond T. Goldbach Post No. 9460 Stratford, Conn. In Memory For all those who gave their lives in all wars
[Left Plaque] In honor ofthe men and womenwho planted in the wildernessthe early homes of Stratford, who fought bravely and suffered patientlyin the War of the American Revolution, and who left to their descendentsa proud memory of courage, endura…
This 1820's home was built over the original foundation of the 1683 house and has been altered four times since then. David and Stephen Boothe's renovations of 1913 added stained glass windows, four safes in the walls, and several "puzzle" floors.
In competition with Henry Ford's Blacksmith Shop which had 4 sides and 4 corners, David Boothe designed this Blacksmith Shop with 44 sides and 44 corners. He offered $5.00 to anyone who found something missing and he never had to pay up. It houses…
This building, designed and built by the Boothes, was made of redwood shipped through the Panama Canal. All the 4x6 timbers lie flat and are secured with galvanized dowels. Other features are glass block windows, a fireplace, and a cathedral ceiling.
In 1913, this 1830's haybarn was topped with a clocktower which was acquired in Massachusetts by the Boothes in exchange for a carpet sweeper. They installed Westminster Chimes, and inscribed the five massive bells with their genealogy. The museum…
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior May 1, 1985 This Estate Owned by the Boothe Family For Many Generations Was Willed To the Town of Stratford by David Beach Boothe and Stephen Nich…
Merritt Parkway Toll Booth Plaza Built in the late 1930s, the Merritt Parkway was designed for beauty as well as efficiency in traveling through southern Connecticut. The intent of the road was to bring the weary city driver into a restful park-l…