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Stroudsburg High School War Memorial. In Honored Glory. Dedicated forever to those men from Stroudsburg High School who sacrificed their lives for the principles which keep us free World War I John R. Marvin . William Wallace World War II G…
Brinker's Mill was the storehouse and advance post for the Sullivan Expedition, which left Easton June 18, 1779, to attack the hostile Iroquois Indians.
Missing Plaque-Site of Sullivan's Stores, the advanced post of the Expedition.
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Community House built by Jacob Stroud 1795; Home of Daniel Stroud; Civic Club of Stroudsburg; Monroe County Historical Society; Jacob Stroud Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution; Public Library
Colonel in the militia and Revolutionary patriot. He stockaded his home as Fort Penn. Member, state constitutional convention, 1776, and state legislature, 1781-1783. He founded Stroudsburg in 1799; he and his son Daniel then laid out the town
US Congressman, 1909- 1915, US Attorney General, 1919-1921, and contender for Democratic presidential nomination, 1920. As Attorney General, led "Palmer Raids" during the "Red Scare," prosecuting those suspected of being anti-A…
Formed April 1, 1836 out of Northampton and Pike counties. Named for President James Monroe. Site of Indian raids, 1755-82, and of a segment of Sullivan's March. Pocono Mountains famed as a resort area. County seat, Stroudsburg, was incorporated i…
In 1864, President Lincoln named this young Stroudsburg man as his "representative recruit" for the Union Army in the Civil War. The U.S. War Department had appealed to citizens ineligible for the draft to furnish recruits, and Lincoln chose to se…
An important part of early Stroudsburg. About 1853, Ephraim Culver built a grist mill, only to see it burned by Indians. Later, more mills were built. Many were destroyed by floods. The present dam, believed to be built before 1884, diverted water…