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Dan K. Moore. Governor, 1965-69; held posts on superior & state Supreme courts. Set up initial Court of Appeals, 1967. Lived 1/10 mi. SE. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.get…
The expedition led by Gen. Griffith Rutherford against the Cherokee, Sept., 1776, passed near-by along Savannah Creek.
Named in honor of R. Gerry Browning, 1884 - 1966. Location and Claims Engineer and Parkway Consultant for North Carolina State Highway Commission, 1925 - 1964. His forceful presentation of the high quality scenery found in North Carolina secure…
This Monument is to Honor all the Men & Women of Jackson County who served Honorably. In the Armed Forces of the United States and in Memory of those whogave their lives for their Country
To our Valiant Fathers: - Champions of Reconciliation with Justice,of Union Manhood,of Peace with Honor;they fought with Faithfulness,and suffered in silence. To our Heroic Mothers:-spartan in Devotion,Teuton in Sacrifice,in Patience Superior t…
Site of Daniel Bryson Sr. and Artic Virginia Dillard Brysons' home, where on March 21, 1853 the first court of Jackson County, N.C. was held, and on March 23, 1853 the county government was formed-the structure was razed in 1956
First woman elected to N.C. Senate, 1930. Civic leader and clubwoman. Home was 50 yds, west.