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So read the local paper in 1904 as engineers surveyed the Saint Croix River in search of a suitable place to build a hydroelectric project. The falls had long fueled the local lumbering and milling industries, but the Minneapolis General Electric …
Stephen A. Douglas "Little Giant" spoke from this hotel balcony 1854
Minnesota's Oldest Existing Public School House
The potholes at the St. Croix Dalles have their origins in a tale of fire and ice. They are carved in a dark volcanic rock called basalt, which erupted as lava 1.1 billion years ago. This basalt is related to lava flows that line the North Shore o…
About 1.1 billion years ago, a great rift valley formed across the North American continent from the Lake Superior region southwest to Kansas. As this rift valley opened, basaltic lavas erupted into it, accumulating to a thickness of up to 20 kilo…
This is the oldest Methodist Church building in continuous use in Minnesota. Methodist circuit riders of the Sunrise Mission served the Taylors Falls area 1852-59. On March 27, 1859, the Rev. Sias Bolles organized the Taylors Falls Methodist Episc…
William Henry Carmen Folsom, St. Croix River Valley lumberman and land speculator, chose this imposing site for his home in 1854. He, his wife Mary Jane, and their two small sons lived in an open barn on this property to prove up the claim while t…