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Battling French & Indians and on retreat from Snowshoe Battle in 1758, Rogers' Rangers crossed over this mountain where Rogers staged his legendary escape at Rogers Rock on Lake George.
Fifteen thousand men landed here to attack Ticonderoga which was successfully defended by Montcalm July, 1758
Major outpost on Lake George, a small palisaded log fort, built in 1756 to defend Fort Carillon from British attack, & named Camp De Contrecoeur, stood in this vicinity.
This property has beenplaced on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior.
Through this place passedGen. Henry Knoxin the winter of 1775-1776to deliver toGen. George Washingtonat Cambridgethe train of artilleryfrom Fort Ticonderogaused to force the BritishArmy to evacuate Boston Erected byThe State of New Yorkduring t…
Marker #1:Two historic waterways converge at Ticonderoga. Long before the region became important to European powers, Native Americans made a portage here for carrying canoes and gear between Lake George and Lake Champlain. The five-mile-long La C…
British soldiers who chose not to return to England following the Seven Years War mustered out of the army to settle on land they had seen during the campaigns against the French. The sandy loam soil around Streetroad has sustained a diversity of …
In memory ofthe menof Ticonderogawho offered theirlives in defenseof their country Side of Monument: The gift ofClayton H. DeLanoA lover of his native town
Placed here July, 1899,byJoseph Cookin memory ofthe military heroesofTiconderoga. Names on Rock:Putnam 1758Ethan Allen 1776Lord Howe 1758Amherst 1759Burgoyne 1777Iroquois Chiefs 1609Samuel DeChamplain 1609Montcalm 1758A. Lee 1899
Tribute to the memory ofHon. Clayton Harris DeLano, LL.B.Christian GentlemanLeading IndustrialistHonored Citizen.Born, Ticonderoga, 1836 - Died, 1920Member of Assembly 1869-71.Active in all movements foradvancement of education andcivic betterment…