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Forever HonoredC. L. Beale · J. A. KiszonasA. R. Bothner · J. P. LawsonA. Burnett · E. F. OxnerD.F.Fox · T. PritulaW. F. Gumen · J. E. Sission, Jr.E. S. Horodynski · R. S. SmithL. F. James, Jr. · L.…
First permanent settlement in present-day Pennsylvania, founded 1643 by Col. Johan Printz, governor of New Sweden. Seized by the Dutch in 1655, and by the English in 1664.
Governor of New Sweden1643 - - - 1653Printz founded here the first permanent European settlement. Built the first Capitol, church, law court. His instructions from Queen Christina became the first constitution and his coat of arms the first legal …
In 1643 the colony's Governor, Johan Printz, established its capital here on Tinicum Island. Earlier, in 1638, New Sweden had been founded at the site of present Wilmington. Although the colony was captured by the Dutch in 1655, many Swedish and F…
Site of the first permanent settlement in present Pennsylvania in 1643, and of the Swedish Capitol, the Printzhof.
A rare surviving example of a quarantine station, the Lazaretto was the introduction to America for many immigrants. Established in 1799 in reaction to a yellow fever epidemic, it operated until 1893 to inspect cargo and passengers for infectious …