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Across the river here paths led over the hills to Oil Creek. Each year, in spring, the Indians used to travel westward to gather petroleum from the oil pits, boil maple sugar and make bark canoes.
Formed April 11, 1848 from Jefferson County. Named for its extensive forests. Part of Venango County was added, 1866, and county seat moved from Marienville to Tionesta. Area notable for its Indian paths, and Zeisberger's mission to the Munsees, 1…
This part of the Allegheny was allotted to Munsee and other displaced Indians by the Seneca before 1750. In 1767-70 Zeisberger worked among these refugee groups, then occupying three towns along the river here.
Conservationist and architect of National Wilderness Preservation System Act of 1964. Although he died four months before President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill, his efforts led to the preservation of over 100 million acres across the nation. Za…
Site across the river of Zeisberger's "Middle Town," later called Hickory Town. Here his noted dispute with Wangomen took place in 1767. Here too ended Indian paths from the south, by which trade goods were obtained.