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Here on June 23, 1780,Americans fought adelaying action againstsuperior British forcesseeking to flankGeneral Greene's mainline at Springfield.
The Serpentine Path is based on the Serpentine, a lake in Hyde Park, London. It was built by Lord Bolingbroke, an English Viscount, who occupied Liberty Hall with his family from 1798 to 1807.
Planted byGov. William Livingston'sDaughter SusanIn 1770. The oldest tree of its type on the NJ State Register
Built in 1772 in the Georgian style by William Livingston (New Jersey's first elected Governor, 1776-1790). The house assumed its current Victorian Italianate appearance in the late 19th century, when it was enlarged by Colonel John Kean to meet t…
Manufactured By The Frick Engine Worksin 1920This tractor was typical of the kind used here at Liberty Hall to cultivate the fields and plant various crops. Eventually it was replaced by a more "modern" gasoline driven engine. The spec. sheet indi…
Colonel John Kean built the present carriage house around 1882. The building is an example of utilitarian Victorian architecture with its distinctive roof shapes, slate roofing, and brick arches over the windows, doors and tower. The stable was th…
Home of Mildred Barry Hughes.Elected to the New Jersey Assembly, ? 1958 - 1965The first woman elected to serve in theNew Jersey Senate, ? 1966 - 1968 This building is circa 1790
Built around 1900, the wagon shed was used to store farm equipment used on Ursino Farm. In addition to farm equipment, the wagon shed houses an Otto manufactured gas engine. This engine powered a circular saw that cut fire wood for the many firepl…
Liberty Hallhas been designated aRegistered NationalHistoric Landmark Under the provisions of theHistoric Sites Act of August 21, 1935this site possesses exceptional valuein commemorating or illustratingthe history of the United States U.S. …
In honor of theRevolutionary Soldiers buried inConnecticut Farms (Union) New Jersey John Allen · Daniel Baker Sr. · Daniel Baker Jr. · Elijah Baker · Moses Baker · Ethan Baldwin · John N. Baldwin &middo…