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Commemorating the Confederate Wayside Home 1862-64. Whose activities were carried on by fourteen women of Union Point.
Commemorating the site of the First Regimental Reunion of Confederate Veterans Survivors of the 3rd Georgia Regiment met at the Union Point Fair Grounds July 30-31, 1874
Actuated by a legacy from Josiah Penfield, Mercer University was founded here in 1833 as Mercer Institute. After considering several locations, the Trustees moved the institution to Macon in 1871 and, in 1880, transferred all holdings in Penfield …
When Bethesda Baptist Church was organized in 1785, it was known as Whatley's Mill Church, and was in Wilkes County before it was added to Greene in 1802. When the present building was erected in 1818, the name was changed to Bethesda. Jesse Merce…
Here in 1862-1864 was located the Wayside home, operated by 14 gallant Confederate women of this city. More than one million meals were served to Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines, passing thought this town. More than ten thousand Confede…
This site is described in the treaty signed by the Creek and Cherokee Indians at Augusta, Georgia, in 1773. Here began the survey of the ceded lands.
Fifty yards from here, in a brick building, stood the gun shop of Henning Daniel Murden (1815-1903), who, during the War Between the States, made and supplied guns and molds to Confederate troops. Like virtually all rural gun shops in the South, i…