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In dedication and grateful memory of all who have served in the Armed Forces to protect our Country and defend its Freedom throughout history. November 11, 2004
Virginia's highway system took shape during the 1920s as automobile ownership expanded rapidly. State Route 52 was established in 1928 to connect Suffolk with Prince George County. In 1933, this road became part of the new U.S. 460 from Roanoke to…
One mile south on Seacock Swamp stood the home of Col. Michael Blow. He was the first Chairman of the Committee of Safety of Sussex County, member of the House of Burgesses, member of the First Virginia Convention (1774), County Justice, and colon…
(Obverse)Sussex CountyArea 515 Square MilesFormed in 1753 from Surry, and named for an English county. Cornwallis passed through this county in 1781. (Reverse)Southampton CountyArea 604 Square MilesFormed in 1748 from Isle of Wight and Nansemo…