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Welcome Heading to the top? Rising to 3,849 feet in elevation, Mount Diablo dominates the foothills and offers unobstructed views. Stand on its summit on a clear day and see over 200 miles in all directions; the Sierra Nevada to the east and pas…
Mount Diablo has always been a guide and landmark to people far bellow, and so it became a natural location for many radio and transmission towers as well. As early as 1928, the Standard Oil Company and U.S. Dept. of Commerce jointly constructe…
Oldest church building in Walnut Creek Originally located on Locust Street Erected 1888 -1889 Consecrated, April 26, 1891 by Bishop William Ford Nichols
First model built by International Harvester in 1924. Designed to cultivate or weed between rows. Instead of the traditional side-mounted flywheel to which a belt was attached to run machinery, the Farmall had what was known as a "power take-off,"…
Used for sowing seeds in the fields. Most early farm machinery were Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. When the wagon wheels turned, the gears fastened to them turned other gears.
Walnut Creek's Old Borges Ranchhouse, as the cornerstone of a working cattle ranch, was first built by Frank (Francisco) and his wife Mary Borges, their sons and daughters in 1899. Since then, this house has withstood five generations of the hard …
This building at the corner of Locust and Cypress (originally School ad China Streets) was a private home until 1949, when it was converted to a funeral home and morgue. The building has been in commercial use since that time. A circular stained g…
The town's first house of worship, the Methodist Church, originally stood behind this site on Main Street. By the early 1900s, Main was a bustling commercial street, so the church was moved here. In the 1950s, the congregation built a new church o…
Walnut Creek Masonic Lodge - founded around 1873 - built its Masonic Temple in 1916. Previously, the group met on Main Street. The building was expanded in 1953. It closed as a Temple in 1984 and was remodeled for commercial use.
Local Presbyterians first held their Sunday services in the schoolhouse, then built their first church at this site in 1884. They replaced their wooden church with a stone structure in the 1930s, then moved to a new location a few blocks away in t…