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Highland Cemetery Established 1861 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2011 Indiana Historical Bureau and Harrison Township
The Lincoln Highway was the first "Coast to Coast" transcontinental highway in the United States constructed from 1913 to 1928 beginning at Times Square in New York City and ending in Lincoln Park in San Francisco. The route spanned almost 3,400 m…
On September 1, 1912 at a dinner party for automobile manufacturers at the Deutsches Haus in Indianapolis, Carl G. Fisher, President of the Prest-O-Lite Company and father of The Indianapolis 500 unveiled his plan for a highway spanning the countr…
Welcome! to the Chinworth Bridge Trailhead - Lake City Greenway - Former Tippecanoe Rest Park The history of this area is tied very closely to transportation with the Chinworth Bridge (1897) and U.S. Highway 30 (1926). This scenic 2.5 acre site…
Was the first "Coast to Coast" road covering 3,389 miles across the U.S.A. The dream of Hoosier Carl G. Fisher, founder of the Indianapolis 500. The Lincoln Highway Association was established on June 1, 1913. The Boy Scouts of America place…
Built 1897 across Tippecanoe River by Bellefontaine Bridge and Iron Company of Ohio. Single-span 140-foot iron bridge is last remaining Pratt through truss bridge in county. U.S. Highway 30 bypassed it in 1924. Closed to vehicle traffic 1975. Leas…
These guns were donated by the government to Posts 114 & 442 G.A.R. and by them presented to Kosciusko County, to be dedicated as a monument to the Union soldiers of 1861-65. Dedicated Oct. 1897 These guns during the War of the Rebellion, co…
This memorial is dedicated in memory and in honor of the brave men and women of Kosciusko County who served God and Country in the armed force.Rededicated July 4, 2005
· American Revolution Engineer 1776 - 1783· Father of West Point· Head of Philadelphia, Saratoga & Southern Campaign· Awarded Cincinnati Order Medal by George Washington· Fought for freedom of Poland 1784 - 1794 …
Honoring 16 million Americans who served and over 405,000 who died in support of freedom, World War II 1941 - 1945Celebrating the dedication of the National World War II Memorial, Washington, DC, May 29th, 2004"A Grateful Nation Remembers"