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This replica of the Maryland Colonists' Wrought Iron Cross of 1634 stands directly over the south foundation wall of the original house-chapel-academy building (circa 1720-1745)
Patented 5th June, 1685, to Major Peter Sayer, a prominent Catholic. Later acquired by the Heath Family. On 14th May, 1773, George Washington "din'd and lodg'd at Mr. DL. Heath's" taking his stepson Jackie Custis to King's College, N.Y. (Columbia …
Visited Warwick Feby, 1756, March 1756. "Din'd and lodg'd at Mr. D'L Heath's May 1773. Passed through Sept, 9 and Oct. 28, 1774. Breakfasted March 23, 1791 and again in September 1793."
The inventor of the steam boat was born 1743 two miles north of this point in "Middle Neck". George Washington showed much interest in Rumsey's experiments and made him superintendent of "The Potomac Company."
→ 2 Miles → Founded 1704 by Rev. Thomas Mansell, S.J., one of the earliest permanent Catholic establishments in the English Colonies. Bohemia Academy Founded 1745 by Rev. Thomas Pulton, S.J. attended by Charles Carroll of Carrollto…
Georgian Manor House, built in the mid 1700's on a 750 acre tract patented to John and Mary Ward in 1674, is noted for its architectural purity, fine paneling and woodwork. The Ward burying ground nearby also contains graves of Lusbys and Pascault…