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In the wooded knoll above sleeping their last sleep rest the Indian owners of these lands before the white man came.
The National Registry of Historic Places Denney Reyburn Senior Apartments 1841-1887 ~ Barnard Street Public School First public school in West Chester 1887-1985 ~ Tag factory of S.L. Denney First automatic tag manufacturing plant 1995 …
The American Right Flank Slows the British AdvanceGeneral Adam Stephen's 3rd and 4th Virginia Regiments situated on the far right end of the American line on the crest of the present day Sandy Hollow Heritage Park held their positions until overwh…
Trimbleville, circa 1740, was named after Irish immigrant James Trimble. Located along the 1728 Great Valley Road, the hamlet grew up around one of Chester County's earliest grist mills, powered by the Broad Run. Due East, on the Brandywine Creek,…
Erected in 1812 for many years a flourishing classical and mathematical school stood on a site in the rear of this house the first president of the Board of Trustees was John Forsythe the first secretary was Dr. William Darlington. In 1869 this sc…
This Property has been placed on the NATIONAL REGISTER of HISTORIC PLACES by the United States Department of the Interior
This Structure Has Been recorded by the HISTORIC AMERICAN BUILDINGS SURVEY of the United States Department of the Interior for its Archives at the Library of Congress
Site of First Schoolhouse in West Chester (Turk's Head), built of logs, 1760. Used as a hospital for American wounded after the Battle of Brandywine, Sept, 1777. Some soldiers died and were buried here in the schoolyard.
Simon Barnard Row 104-116 East Washington Street 227 North Walnut Street These Row Houses were constructed about 1856 by Simon Barnard, local businessman, builder, realtor and Political Activist who was an advocate of the Anti-Slavery cause. …
Welcome-This nature preserve is one of more than 40 owned and managed by Natural Lands Trust, a non-profit conservation organization eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Since 1953, we've been building an extensive network of preserves that range…
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