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In tribute to those from Pottawatomie Co. who gave their lives during WWII ———————————— Orville F. Area · Charles A. Eckert · Gerald A. Heim · …
Dedicated to the boys of Pottawatomie County who gave their lives in the supreme sacrifice for their country during the World War Francis Miller · Theodore H. Olson · Guy F. Proctor · Albert Sester · Roy Swai…
Dedicated to those who gave their lives during the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam Michael Charles Zeller · Gerald Otto McKay Gene Allen Myers · Dale L. Milbradt Danny Wayne Jarvis · Harland Jenkins Leo T. Wapp &mi…
[Map of Pottawatomie County] ———————————— The courthouse flagpole is dedicated to the memory of Warren B. Nelson who was a county commissioner from January 1978 to Nov…
In memory of those who served their country in time of war.
In memory of our Comrades 1861 - 1865
In memory of our friend Elmo Burkman He started the Avenue of Flags
Working without the benefit of modern machinery, using only hand tools of pick and shovel, as many as forty men labored through the winter months and early spring of 1914 on the construction of the Westmoreland city water well, reputed to be the s…
Though the first known westbound wagon train led by William Sublette passed this way in 1827 following an old Kanza hunting trail, the Oregon Trail would not be well defined until 1842 when the report of John C. Fremont's expedition became the chi…
There were many unpredictable hazards on the trail as the wagon trains moved westward. The trail itself presented the worst problems. Streams had no bridges and had to be forded. Their shifting bottoms with pockets of quicksand were dangerous. Whe…