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first paragraph On the morning of May 14, 1861, the companies of Capt. Andrew H. Britt and Edward W. Stephens marched across the Wheeling Suspension Bridge to Wheeling Island. They settled into camp on the northwestern corner of the island at the…
Dedicated in honor of the men and women of the South Side who served in World Wars I and II
Erected by the grateful Parish of Our Lady of Mount Lebanon in honor of those who served their country and dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives for our liberty World War II David Brice · Joseph Bryan · N…
On this site stood Wheeling High School. The bricks and the mortar are gone, but the memory of her will linger on in the hearts of those who loved her.
Erected in honor of Wheeling High School Students who served their country during World War II, and dedicated to the Glory of God and the memory of those who gave their lives for freedom
Mail Pouch is one of Wheeling's most recognizable products. Aaron and Samuel Bloch began making chewing tobacco after experimenting with "cigar scrap." This afterthought quickly became a favorite with local coal miners and soon the rest of the cou…
Among many daring frontier exploits was the journey of Captain George Gibson and Lieutenant William Linn to New Orleans, 1776-77. Despite danger and opposition, they secured powder for use of Fort Henry against the Indians.
Dedicated May 31, 1993
Civil War 1865     Josiah M. Curtis 1865     Daniel A. Wood 1865     Joseph McCauslin 1865     Thomas Anderson Indian Wars 1874     William Dixon 1875     Daniel Bishop Noncombatant 1904     Robert Edward Cox S…
This notable American engineer designed the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, completed in 1849. Ellet's other engineering accomplishments included: improving flood control and navigation of mid-western rivers; planning the layout of railways in Vir…