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January 14, 1942: the reality of World War II was brought home New Hampshire when a U.S. Army Air Corps B-18A bomber strayed off course and crashed in the White Mountains, killing crewmembers and severely injuring the other five. The Crash …
Honoring the World War II U.S. Army air crew who crashed in a B-18 bomber on Mt. Waternomee in Woodstock, N.H., January 14, 1942. Dedicated July 4, 1992 Lt. Anthony Benvenuto Lt. Woodrow Kantner Lt. Fletcher Craig PFC Richard Chubb PFC R…
1983 1965 - 1975 Honoring the Vietnam Veterans of Woodstock North Woodstock, N.H. A list of 61 servicemen and women; one Killed In Action, one Missing In Action
Dedicated to SFC. Alden B. Willey 5th Special Forces, Airborne Div. SP4 Quinten E. Mulleavey 173rd Airborne Div. Missing In Action who made the supreme sacrifice and to all those from Woodstock who served in Vietnam July 4, 1975
Dedicated to honor their patriotic services during Korean Conflict from the town of North Woodstock, N.H. A list of 47 servicemen
Dedicated to those who served in the Armed Forces of our Country in World War Two from Woodstock A list of 126 servicemen and women; 7 Killed In Action
N.H The 9th State 1763 The Granite State Flag Blue a & Gold 1909 Flower Purple Lilac Bird Purple Finch Tree White Birch Ship The Woodstock Emblem Old Man of Mtn Motto Live Free or Die Song Old N.H. Length 250 miles Ten counties Capi…
In Honor of 1917-18 World War Soldiers Dedicated May 30th 1921 A list of 27 servicemen; two of whom died in France