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The town of Garvagh owes its 17th century origins and subsequent development to the Canning family. George Canning was the first family member to come to Ireland when, in September 1614, he arrived at Agivey on the banks of the Bann as an agent fo…
The Great War 1914 - 1918"The Fallen"Faithful unto deathBlack H.C. · Bradley J. · Bradley P. · Caldwell, W. · Caskey M. · Collins R. · Dale T. · Dempsey J. · Faith J. · Gavin R. F. Cap…
The Great War 1914-1918In MemoriamAird A. · Allen R. · Allen W. · Allen W.J. · Bradley F.E. · Bradley F.H. · Bradley R.I. · Carson R. · Carson W. · Coleman G. · Davies C.C. &mid…
John Keats,poet,—lived in this house.—B: 1795.D: 1821.
George Orwell1903 - 1950writerlived here
In this housethePre-RaphaeliteBrotherhoodwas foundedin 1848
This tunnel constructed by the London County Council was opened in August 1902. Sir John MacDougall chairman of the Council; Lord Monkswell vice chairman; Henry Clarke deputy chairman;Col F. Sheffield chairman bridges comm; J. E. Sears vice cha…
This eighteenth century building was erected to collect tolls from those passing through the western entrance to the estates of the bishops of London
This diskmarks the datum pointfrom which in 1725 William Warren,Fellow of Trinity Hall, began to measurethe one mile points along the roads fromCambridge at which were then set upthe first true milestones in Britainsince Roman times.
In grateful Memory of those men from the parishes of Botesdale-Redgrave-Rickinghall Superior and Inferior who fell in The Great War 1914-1918 Also in affectionate memory of those who gave their lives in the 1939-45 WarPeter Le M Andrew ·…