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George F. Edmunds, one of this nation's foremost legislators, was born on this farm, Feb. 1, 1828. After serving at Montpelier as Speaker, he represented Vermont in Washington as Senator for 25 years, and presided over the Senate when Arthur was P…
(side 1) On this hill from 1795 to 1865 thrived an African American farming community. The first settlers at the bottom of this road in 1798, from MA, were Samuel Peters, Hannah Lensemen & husband Prince Peters. Prince served in Captain Silas Pie…
A descendant of one of Burlington's original settlers, Ray Williston Collins was born on this farm on February 11, 1887. After graduating from Burlington High School and the University of Vermont, Collins joined the Boston Red Sox in 1909 and soon…
Near this site in 1773 the first settlers Ira Allen and his uncle Remember Baker built of hewed timbers the block house called Fort Frederick as a protection from Indians and Yorkers It had 32 port holes and in it were held the meetings of the Pr…
A skiing family....whose combined efforts as members of U.S. ski teams in Olympic and world competition have brought fame and recognition to themselves, their nation and to this Vermont...CommunityGold Medal WinnerBarbara Cochran1972....Olympics
10th Mountain DivisionRichmond's Fallen SonPFC Adam J. Muller US ArmyGunner HHC, 1st BSTB -Team IroquoisKilled serving our country in Iraq 11/5/07
In Memoriam erected byThe Citizens of Richmondin honor ofher patriotic men and womenwho served their countryin the World War1917 - 1919
Richmond sits along a natural east-west corridor, the Winooski River. The Abenaki used this corridor for 10,000 to 12,000 years. Archaeologists have established a fall hunting site used around 1500 AD at the mouth of the Huntington River. Richmond…
This 16-sided church, Richmond's first meeting house, was built by a group led by William Rhodes in 1812-12 on land donated by Issac Gleason & Thomas Whitcomb. The first Proprietors were members of five denominations: Baptist, Christian, Congregat…
In 1849 an 11,000 year old Beluga Whale was found north of this site in what had been the Champlain Sea. Resident J.G. Thorp collected the bones, and naturalist Zadock Thompson assembled the skeleton now displayed in the Perkins Museum of Geology …
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