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A short distance west of the Springfield City limits at the top of Sugar Grove Hill ended the continuous metaled or paved portion of the National Road.The National Road was, outside of the navigable rivers and harbors, the first great internal imp…
In 1912, Congress appropriated funds for a new highway, the National Old Trails Road, or Ocean-to-Ocean Highway. The route crossed 12 states from Maryland to California following much of the National Road and the Santa Fe Trail. To celebrate the d…
Site of Simon Kenton'sfirst log cabin homein Ohio - Built besidethe old war trail overwhich he was led intocaptivity - Scene ofhis killing the lastIndian slain in combatin Clark County
Famed Indian fighter, associate of Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark, soldier of the Revolution and the War of 1812 - Leading settler of the Mad River Valley, built his first home in Ohio a few hundred feet east of this spot.
[Front Side of Marker]HereGeneralGeorge RogersClark With his Kentucky soldiersDefeated and droveFrom this regionThe Shawnee IndiansAugust 8 1780Thus aiding to makeThe Northwest TerritoryPart of the United States[Reverse Side of Marker]TecumsehT…
Within this park and immediate vicinity, former site of the Shawnee Indian Village of Piqua. The Shawnees and their British Allies were defeated by General George Rogers Clark with his army of Kentucky Frontiersmen. This battle greatly advanced th…
"In memory of those men who died inthe Battle of Piqua, August 8, 1780,the largest Revolutionary War battleWest of the Alleghenies."
The Shawnee village of Peckuwe stood on this site until August 8, 1780. This village was inhabited by the Peckuwe and Kispoko Divisions of the Shawnee Tribe. The Shawnee, along with the other tribes in Ohio, often placed a large cedar pole in c…
Approximately three miles west of Springfield at the present site of George Rogers Clark Memorial Park lay the Shawnee Indian Town called Piqua. This town was the site of the battle of Piqua on August 8th, 1780 - one of the last battles of the Ame…
Statesman, Warrior and Patriot was born March 1768, three miles west of Springfield, close to Route 40 - State Route 369 - at the Shawnee Indian Town called Piqua. Site of the battle of Piqua, August 8th, 1780, presently George Rogers Clark Memori…