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Built in Nov. 1881, according to history, the jail was built because a second saloon was coming to "Bunkum". The town fathers decided a "cooler" was needed for "wicked people who came from other places to disturb the pe…
Erected in 1997 by the people of Concord Township and the Village of Iroquois in memory of the men and women who served in the Armed Forces and in hope for the veterans of the future
In 1822, Gurdon S. Hubbard, on this spot, built an Indian Trading Post and operated it until 1834. Here the Indian Princess Watchee-Kee lived with Hubbard, as his wife.
Panel OneW. W. I Row One John Adams · Sherman Adsit · Roy Adwell · G. W. Akerly · Ralph Austin · + Forrest Ballard · Elmer Barkhurst · Homer Beall, Sr. · Jesse Bennet · Reed Berr…
This plaque is dedicated to the memory of Rodney F. Reeves1958 - 1981His love for Milford was shown by his labors in retrieving and restoring this Buzz Bomb to its original place in our community.
This tablet, erected in the Spring of 1936, marks the Old Hubbard Trail, which forded Sugar Creek at this point. In this angle of ground between the ford and the trail there stood 100 years ago a pioneer grist mill. Thus giving the name the Mill F…