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In Honor ofOur Confederate Soldiers1861 - 1865(Listing of the dead soldiers)
Lowndesboro, AL—Enraged whites, jealous over the business success of a Negro were believed to the lynchers of Elmore Bolling. Bolling, 39, was found riddled with shot gun and pistol shots 150 yards from his general merchandise store. It is b…
In memory of our sister Viola Liuzzo who gave her life in the struggle for the right to vote... March 25, 1965Presented by SCLC/WOMEN Evelyn Lowery National Convener - 1991 - The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Joseph Lowery, President
(Side 1)Lowndesboro, Alabama Lowndesboro developed from a small community of early settlers to a thriving township in the 1830's. The settlers' plantation interests were maintained in the lowlands along the Alabama River, while they built their…
Settled before 1820 by planters from South Carolina and Virigina. First called McGill's Hill, it was incorporated, 1832, as Lowndesboro in honor of William Lowndes. There was a brief skirmish here between Forrest's troops and Wilson's raiders, Apr…
(front)1861-1865The Soldier Deadof Lowndes(left side)No men died therewith more glory.Yet many died,And there was much glory.(right side)ToDevotion and Valor.(rear)FromHearts Faithfulto Faithful Hearts.
Founded in 1820 by settlers from the Edgefield, Abbeville, and Colleton Districts of South Carolina on property purchased from the U.S. Land Office at Cahaba. Officially named Hayneville in 1831 to honor South Carolina Senator Robert Y. Hayne. Hay…
In the 1820s, Hayneville was known as "Big Swamp." In 1830, after being chosen as the county seat of Lowndes County, it was named Hayneville for Robert Y. Hayne, governor of South Carolina and a U.S. senator. The incorporation of Hayneville as a t…
Robert Gardner FarmMarch 23, 1965
Six miles North, on December 23, 1813,General F.L. Claiborne's army defeatedthe Creeks and destroyed the HolyGround Indian Village. One Americanwas killed and 33 Creeks. William"Red Eagle" Weatherford escaped byleaping on horseback into the rivera…