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Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
The moon room is the link between space exploration and Prairie City SVRA. This area was once home to the world's largest site for rocket engine development. This three story underground bunker was built to protect scientists during testing of …
This complex of hoofed animal exhibits is dedicated in memory ofAnthony A. "Hank" Spencer Zoo Superintendent - 1942 - 1972 "Hank's" dedication to the Sacramento Zoo provided numerous improvements during his 30 year tenure. …
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Purple Heart Memorial front: My Stone Is Red For The Blood They Shed The Medal I Bear Is My Country's Way To Show They Care If I Could Be Seen By All Mankind Maybe Peace Will Come In My Lifetime Purple Heart Memorial top: "You Have Ne…
Display 1Before 1848, the Sacramento River waterfront, behind you, was quiet and occupied by few people. New arrivals during the Gold Rush transformed the waterfront rapidly, turning it into a chaotic transportation hub crowded with goods and free…
John Sutter, a central figure in California's gold rush and Sacramento's early development, would hardly recognize his embarcadero today. Located just north of the present I Street bridge, Sutter's landing in 1848 was little more than a three-hund…
In grateful memory of the brave men from California who served gallantly in War, 1861 - 1865. This memorial plaque is dedicated one hundred years later in tribute to their sacrifices.
You are standing where the First Transcontinental Railroad in America had its western origin, at Front and K Streets in Sacramento. On January 8, 1863, prominent citizens and railroad founders gathers here for a groundbreaking ceremony to begin…
Display 1 Sacramento property owners often adorned their buildings with cast-iron columns like these to embellish their structures and refine the city's overall appearance. If you look closely, a decorative column may feature information about wh…
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