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Burkhardt Moser Log Home. . First home in Tamaqua: built in 1801 by founder Burkhardt Moser: still stands in the rear of 307 East Broad St. Moser settled here in 1799 and built a sawmill nearby. He was the first to discover coal in the area in 181…
Reynolds School. Reynolds Union Sunday School No. 1. West Penn Township opened her first free schools in 1871. This was 1 of 17 owned by the West Penn Twp. School District until 1966. It was then purchased by the West Penn Youth Corp. It was used …
Dedicated in memory of all Minersville Area Veterans who have honorably served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America during times of war or national danger.
This stadium dedicated in honor of Our Nations Heroic Dead by Minersville Post No.544 American Legion Minersville Pa. July 4th 1938
Grier City In memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice. To the honor of all veterans of all wars
"For God and Country we associate ourselves together" To Honor Veterans of All Wars
Frackville American Legion gratefully dedicates this monument to honor all the men and women who faithfully and proudly serve our country sacrificing all to protect our country's freedom Our Auxiliary will always support our troops for…
This is a reproduction in bronze of Whistlers famous painting. It honors all mothers past and present and is the only one of its kind in the country. Erected by the Ashland Boys Association and dedicated on Sept 4, 1938. Designer: Emil Siebern, Sc…
On August 27, 1963 rescuers used a new technique to drill a borehole that successfully freed two coal miners trapped for nearly 2 weeks by a shaft cave-in 320 feet below ground. One miner was lost and the incident gained national attention and pro…
Their coal oil lamps dimly lighted the dismal tunnels while silhouetting their blackened faces that portrayed their exhausting labors and dedication to their families from sunrise to sunset. Only God knew their fate. As you walk this brick pathway…