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Dedicated Memorial Day 1939 Owner: County of Shasta Maintained by War Veterans of Shasta County General Contractor: Adam Arras & Son Contractors Funded by The County of Shasta and WPA Listed in Architectural Historian Book By David Gebhard …
Dedicated To All The Veterans Of Shasta Union High School "From This Day To The Ending Of The World, ...We In It Shall Be Remembered ...We Band Of Brothers." World War II Fatalities Elton Barker · Bilton Beed · …
In Memory of All Members of the Military Services Who Perished Dec. 7, 1941, During the Japanese Sneak Attack on the Island of Oahu, T.H.
Dedicated to Honor The Service of All Shasta County Veterans Who Have Served This Nation With Honor...
To Honor Those Valient Men And Women Who Dedicated Themselves To Service And Sacrifice For God And Country
A rich area for Native Americans... As far back as 14,000 years ago, the Wintu and other Native American Indians lived in the northern Sacramento Valley and surrounding mountains. The Wintu practiced a lifestyle of hunting, fishing and gathering.…
The boiler you see here was part of a steam donkey. In the late 1880s, logging around the Castle Crags area was booming. Steam donkeys were used to haul heavy logs from the cutting site to the milling area. Steam donkeys consisted of a boiler a…
The discovery of gold... Major Pierson B. Reading discovered gold in Clear Creek in 1848 at what is now known as Reading Bar, located about a mile upstream. Thousands of people rushed here in search of fortune. Gold fever spread and caught people…
Until 1860 only a dangerous pack trail through the upper Sacramento River Canyon linked Oregon with California's northern mines. Yreka's merchants and settlers also wanted a safer wagon road. The rugged terrain defied road building efforts unt…
To the Quiet Professionals for Their Courage, Their Honor, Their Ability and for Their Unwavering Dedication to Freedom. De Oppresso Liber
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