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Born in Tyler, Gary was responsible for organizing the Smith County Rifles. He was also a soldier, public servant, diplomat to Egypt and minister to Switzerland.
Confederate training camp and largest Confederate prisoner of war camp west of the Mississippi for captured Union troops.
Gentry served as a U.S. Congressman and Texas Highway Commission Chair. He was instrumental in the development of Texas Farm Roads and the Interstate Highway System. He also was a benefactor to Tyler Junior College.
On this site, the historic town well of Bullard marks the origin of the community. In 1883, the Kansas and Gulf Short Line railroad extended tracks from Tyler to Lufkin, and the town of Bullard, named for postmaster John Henry Bullard, supplanted …
On Burleson Lake, 3.5 miles west of here was last Cherokee War Camp of the Army of the Republic of Texas Under Gen. Kelsey H. Douglass, Gen. Thomas J. Rusk, Gen. Edward Burleson, and Col. Willis H. Landrum. Texas Secretary of War Albert Sidney …
In 1881, E.S. Cook and Perry Ray, trustees for the Pine Springs School community, purchased nearby land for the construction of a schoolhouse. Soon after, the Pine Springs Baptist Church of Christ was organized under the direction of the Rev. Marc…
Members of the Peter Shamburger family came to this area of Texas from Mississippi in 1847. Peter and his family lived near Starrville. His son, Mathew, married Julia Ann Shockley in 1849 and settled in the Fruit community (later renamed Pine Spri…
Records of the Smith County Baptist Association indicate that this congregation was established in 1851. Members held worship services in homes and in the local schoolhouse until they built their first sanctuary in 1857. Since the church had only …
Starrville was originally part of the I.W. Hall survey and, by 1849, the town had become a stop on the Dallas-Shreveport road. In 1852, reverend Joshua Starr bought the land and began selling town lots. During the summer of 1862, Starrville was th…
In 1852 the Rev. Joshua Starr, a Methodist minister from Alabama, bought 640 acres of land here on the Dallas-Shreveport Road. Platting Starrville, one of the earliest towns in Smith County, he sold lots with deed covenants against gambling and li…
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