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In commemoration of The (John) Penn's Creek Massacre, which occurred along this stream on October 16, 1755 when the settlers were attacked by the Indians and about 26 were killed, wounded or carried into captivity. This was the first Indian outbre…
This pioneer refuge during the Revolutionary War era was located at a spring 30 yards south. Built on Matthias Schoch's tract about 1770 and in use until 1783.
Formed March 2, 1855 out of Union County. The name honors Simon Snyder (Governor, 1808-17) who made his home in Selinsgrove. The county seat of Middleburg was laid out 1800, incorporated 1864. County was scene of the Penns Creek Massacre of 1755.
The NE corner of the land deeded the Proprietors by the Six Nations in great council at Albany July 6, 1754, was 1 mile north of Penns Creek. It ran thence "North of the West as far as your Province extends."
October 16, 1755, a band of Indians ambushed and killed, wounded, or took captive some 26 settlers of this region. The attack was just west along Penns Creek, and first to follow Braddock's defeat.
Jacob Sechler Coxey (1854-1951), was born here. In 1894 he led a march of unemployed workers, popularly known as "Coxey's Army," on Washington. Public works programs and relief measures were asked. This focused attention on the plight of the unemp…
Three-term Governor of the Commonwealth, 1808-1817, and member of the General Assembly, 1797- 1807. Pennsylvania's first governor of German descent. Built this home in the early 1800's, and resided here until his death. Buried in First Lutheran Ch…
Founded 1858 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church as the Missionary Institute and Susquehanna Female College. The present corporate title was adopted in 1895.