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Hancock Shaker Village installed this solar photovoltaic (pv) array in December 2009. Here is one sample pv panel for you to examine and touch (it is not connected to the array and will not harm you). Throughout the Village there are many example…
has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States U.S. De…
The Shakers, perhaps more than any other religious movement, embraced purity of design and consummate craftsmanship in everything they created. These banners represent a sample of the typical and joyful Shaker palette. As you tour this National Hi…
[Died in Service] Charles Foley [Honor Roll of Veterans]
1917   1918 A Tribute To The Loyalty And Sacrifices Of Her Sons And Daughters Who Gloriously Defended The Liberties Won By Their Fathers Erected By The City Of Pittsfield 1926 (round plaque) Pittsfield Veterans Memorial Fidelis Ad Mor…
Roman Walter Sadlowski United States Navy Born June 15, 1920 Died Dec. 7, 1941 Who gave his life at Pearl Harbor in defense of his country. His example will always remain as an inspiration of faithful performance of duty. Dedicated M…
This Tree Was Dedicated April 24th 1945 By Pittsfield Post No. 68, of The American Legion In Memory Of Sergeant Edward J. Burns Pittsfield's First Soldier Of World War II Killed At Wheeler Field, Hawaii Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941
Veteran of the Year 2001 - Theodore J. Handler · 2002 - Mario Cassinelli · 2003 - Rudy Dassat · 2004 - Robert Shindler · 2005 - Thomas Landry · 2006 - James E. Callahan · 2007 - Lawrence E. Ca…
This Tree Was Planted In Honor Of Sgt. Glenn R. Allison Died December 18, 2003 In Baghdad, Iraq Dedicated on April 30, 2004
Erected To The Memory Of Mr. and Mrs. John Chandler Williams Who Made Possible This Park Mr. Williams Gave The Land Mrs. Williams Once Saved The Old Elm From Destruction 1790