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Straitsmouth Island was first sighted in 1614 by Captain John Smith. He also spotted nearby Thacher and Milk Islands and named all three the Turks' Heads. Lighting the Way Built in 1834, the island's first lighthouse was 19 feet tall. Its c…
The Project This is the bell from the steeple of the First Congregational Church of Rockport. It is the bell that is rung hourly by the Town Clock, still owned by the Town of Rockport. It is also rung by means of a rope and bell wheel on specia…
Colonel P. Edward Connor was ordered to build and command this post in 1862. The fort was built midway between Salt Lake City, Utah and Carson City, Nevada to protect the Overland Mail Route (Pony Express) and emigrant travelers from Indian raider…
Due east from here on July 16 1605 the Sieur De Monts sent Samuel De Champlain ashore to parley with some Indians. They danced for him and traced an outline map of Massachusetts Bay. These French explorers named this promontory, The Cape of Islands.
To the glory of God and in honor of the first settlers of Sandy Bay The First Parish in Rockport was constituted in 1755. The corner stone of this meeting house laid in 1803. The tower was shattered by a British bombardment in 1814. Reveren…
1630 - 1930 Benjamin Tarr House — Answering a sudden alarm to meet at the house of Lieutenant Benjamin Tarr, grandson of Richard Tarr the first settler, sixty-six men from this village under Captain John Rowe, marched to Charlestown and foug…
Here stood the first framed house in Sandy Bay (Rockport) built in 1700 by the second settler John Pool. He built the first sawmill, bridge and vessel in this settlement, and furnished the lumber used in building Long Wharf, Boston, in 1710.
Original plot given by the first settler, Richard Tarr, who was buried here in 1732. Here lie most of the early settlers and many of the officers and soldiers of the French and Indian, Revolutionary and 1812 Wars.
Here stood the cabin of Richard Tarr founder of the Tarr Family on Cape Ann. He came to Marblehead in 1680, then settled in Sacco, Maine. Driven thence by Indians, he became the first settler of Sandy Bay (Rockport) in 1690.
Named from a bear caught by the tide and killed in 1700. Commercial and shipbuilding center of Rockport for 160 years. First dock built here 1743. Sandy Bay Pier Company organized 1809. Site of Stone Fort and Sea Fencibles Barrack during War of 1812.