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Backed by cannons hauled from Fort Ticonderoga in New York, Patriot soldiers fortified these heights in March 1776, forcing the evacuation of British troops from Boston.
On these heights,during the night of March 4, 1776,the American troops besieging Bostonbuilt two redoubtswhich made the harbor and townuntenable by the British fleet and garrison.On March 17, the British fleet,carrying 11,000 effective menand 1,00…
These heights, commanding the harbor and town of Boston on the south, were seized and fortified by troops of the Continental Army and local militia under General John Thomas on the night of March 4, 1776. By this arduous night's labor, and further…
Location of theAmerican RedoubtsonDorchester Heightswhich compelled the evacuationof Boston by the British ArmyMarch 17 - 1776.
As the final act of an eleven month siege, the Continental Army occupied these heights and forced the evacuation of British troops from Boston on March 17, 1788 - General George Washington's first victory in the American Revolution.
At this placethe cannon brought byGeneral Henry Knoxfrom Fort Ticonderogato deliver toGeneral George Washingtonin the winter of1775 - 1776were used to forcethe British Armyto evacuate Boston. Erected by the Commonwealthof Massachusetts 1927