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Erected by John Veader in memory of his daughter Etta M. Hutchins wife of Samuel G. Hutchins Died Feb. 20, 1901 aged 34 yrs. This grave given my beloved neice [sic] by her Uncle Joseph Veader Her last request was "I want to lay in Unc…
Born in Quincy 1873 Killed in the dynamite explosion at the Cuartel Pinar del Rio, Cuba May 18, 1910
The International H. C. B. and C. Laborer's Union of America to D. D'Alessandro [Bronze bas-relief panels] Domenico D'Alessandro International H. C. B. and C. Laborer's Union of America [seal] Labor omnia vincit ["Work conquers all"] …
In memory of Three Brothers who lived and died in the service of their Country. Sons of Thomas Boylston and Ann Harrod Adams ———————————— Thomas Boylston Adams Lieu…
A pioneer in the granite industry of Quincy.
Dedicated to the Citizens of Quincy who made the supreme sacrifice in the Vietnam War Quincy Men Killed or Missing in Action Brian P. Ahern · Richard C. Archer · Francis Builaert James E. Casale · Ralph Caspol…
In grateful tribute to the Men of Quincy who died in the Korean War Robert I. Adams · Thomas B. Bishop · Lawrence A. Bruno Herman E. Buzbee · James H. Cameron · Howard E. Davis Walter A. Della Chiesa …
Philippine Islands · Cuba Porto Rico · U.S.A.
In memory of our departed Comrades and Auxiliary Sisters Dedicated Nov. 11, 1981
Dedicated to the memory of the Quincy Boys who offered their lives during the World War, that our country and its institutions might be preserved. This memorial erected by a grateful city Quincy, Massachusetts May 30, 1920