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House of Marrett & Nathan Munroe-Built 1729, a Witness of the Battle
April 19, 1775-The Dawn of Revolution-On the night of April 18, 1775 approximately 700 British soldiers gathered on Boston Commons to prepare for a raid on American military supplies stored in nearby Concord. Informed of the British troop movement…
Marker contains no text other than identifying the sculpture's benefactor: The bequestofFrancis Brown Hayestothe town of Lexington
This belfry was erected on this hill in 1761 and removed to the Common in 1768. In it was hung the bell which rung out the alarm on the 19th of April 1775. In 1797 it was removed to the Parker Homestead in the south part of the town. In 1891…
In 1642, 11 men were proprietors of land grants in Lexington, using their land here for farming or holding it for speculation while living in Cambridge. By 1682, about 30 families lived in Lexington, then known as Cambridge Farms. Disliking the lo…
The battle fought on the Lexington Common between the British and the Americans on April 19, 1775 was one of the first great events of the American Revolution. But for a century afterwards, residents paid no particular attention to their town Comm…
House ofJonathan Harringtonwho wounded on the CommonApril 19, 1775dragged himself to the doorand died at his wife's feet. Left Marker:Here livedJohn Augustus,shoemaker Friend of thepoor victimsof the lawPioneer inProbation
Minute Man National Historical Park was the starting place of the American Revolution: here the resolve of citizens willing to risk their lives for the ideals of liberty and self-determination was instrumental in the formation of the American iden…
The Historical Park ends here, but the Battle Road continues. The British column broke into a run as they approached Lexington Center. They were saved by a brigade of a thousand fresh troops, armed with two cannon. The commander, Earl Percy, or…
An increasingly ragged British column fought its way over Fiske Hill. There was intense, close quarter fighting in this area as British flankers attempted to flush out Colonial snipers. At a nearby well, Minute Man James Hayward from Acton and a B…