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Samuel Slater (1768-1835) opened this water-powered cotton spinning factory in 1793. Slater had left England in 1789 with working knowledge of mechanical yarn-making, and in Pawtucket he discovered artisans with the skills necessary for starting t…
Controlling water power during the early years of the Industrial Revolution also meant gaining control of political, economic, and social power. Re-engineering water courses in this area often brought lawsuits and anger. In August 1792, four local…
The American Industrial Revolution began at Slater Mill. Here, in 1793, Samuel Slater, with Providence investors and Pawtucket artisans, built the first water-powered, cotton spinning factory in the United States. Beginning with this wooden mill, …
Sylvanus Brown lived in this cottage from 1784 to 1824. Brown's proven pattern-making and carpentry skills earned him a place at Samuel Slater's side. Brown had also built water-powered mills and visited European mill sites. Between 1789 and 1791,…
David Wilkinson (1771-1852), a blacksmith from Smithfield, Rhode Island, moved to Pawtucket in the early 1780s. Wilkinson invented new machines, including a steamboat, which he demonstrated in Pawtucket in 1792 (15 years before Robert Fulton's ste…
In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the First Successful Cotton Mill in America this tablet was presented to the Old Slater Mill Association, present owners of this historic building in honor of the textile pioneer whose name they perpetu…
The birthplace of the cotton manufacturing industry in America. Here in 1793 Samuel Slater, Moses Brown, and William Almy established the first successful cotton factory in the United States.
National Historic Mechanical Engineering LandmarkWilkinson Mill, 1810. Site of the shop of David Wilkinson (1771-1852)Father of the American Machine Tool Industry.