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Lorenzo Deming, born Sept 6, 1843. Joined U.S. Navy, captured at Plymouth N.C. at the destruction of the Rebel Iron Clad Albermarle, Nov 27, 1864 and died in Rebel Prison at Salisbury N.C. Feb 5, 1865.
I Have A DreamDoctorMartin LutherKing, Jr.1929 - 1968We have inherited a large house, a great world house in which we have to live together - black and white, easterner and westener, gentile and Jew, Catholic and Protestant, Moslem and Hindu A fam…
About Thirty Feet from this SpotStood the House in WhichBrig. Gen. John PattersonWas Born in 1743 - 4Member of two ProvincialCongresses from Lenox Mass.Leader in the War of IndependenceDistinguished Jurist and Member ofCongress from Lisle N.Y.Wher…
[ left arch ]FairviewCemeteryCity of New BritainFirst Burial 1756 ThisMemorial GatewayErected In 1936 [ right arch ]In Memory OfCharles SmithLanders1846 ? 1900"For the trumpet shallsound and thedead shall be raisedincorruptible"The Gift of His …
Honored VeteransWalk With GodGreater Love HathNo Man Than ServiceTo His Country
Dedicated By TheFourth Ward ToThose Who ServedIn World War II [ back ]They Served ForGod And Country [ front small plaque ]Those Who Made TheSupreme SacrificeJoseph Ara · Raymond Balinskas · Casimer Casper · Glendon Day &middo…
In MemoriamTo New Britain's SonsWho Lost TheirLives In VietnamPedro Cancel PFC. · Richard E. Chabot L/Cpl · Richard W. Roy Sp4Michael Smith L/Cpl · Paul Thorik Jr. Cpl · Stanley J. Ciesielski Sp4 · Francisco Greg…
Joseph J. "Joe" BuzasIn Grateful AppreciationFor BringingMinor League BaseballTo New Britain In 1983
[ panel 1 ]In MemoriamNot a war for conquest ormilitary glory, but a righteous war fought by American volunteers to succor the weak andoppressed against foreign tyranny and to give to Cuba and the Philippines a place among the free peoples of the …
Peace AndUniversalBrotherhood[ back ]1810 ? 1879To Elihu BurrittLearned Blacksmith Scholar Linguist Philanthropist to Whose Love For Humanity The World Owes the First International Peace Congress and Ocean Penny Postage This Memorial Is Erected by…