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1917 ― 1918In Honor OfThe Men And Women OfEast HartfordWho AnsweredTheir Country's CallTo Service In TheWorld WarTo The Dead A TributeTo The Living A MemoryTo Posterity A TokenOf LoyaltyTo The Flag OfTheir Country―Erected By The Citize…
East HartfordThis part of the lands once inhabited by the Podunk Indians saw its first permanent colonists in 1655, when Thomas Hooker and his followers came from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to found Hartford. The east side of the Connecticut River …
The Huguenot HouseBuilt In 1761byEdmund BemontGiven ToThe Historical Society Of East HartfordbyAdolph RosenthalandSelma R. GrossMoved to Present SiteMarch 30, 1971
DedicatedTo The MemoryOf Our YouthWho GaveTheir LivesInWorld War II*? * ? *"Let none forget they gave their allAnd faltered not when came the call"( memorial stone behind the monument )Dedicated to the Honor and SacrificeOf Our Servicemen from Eas…
UnionPeter Chinni, 2005"We shall not only have saved the Union; but we shall have so saved it, as to make and to keep it, forever worthy of the saving." Lincoln was committed to the ideals of the country's founding fathers, especially the principl…